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girls on mta .....


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JonChappell wrote:

Posting this poll won't let you find out the number of girls playing

MTA - it'll only let you find out the number using the forums.

Some people have said that

they've come across girls playing the game,

but I've never come across one using the forums.

hey well im a girl ....must mean im the 1st 1 on the forums :P...w00t ...

i love being in an all guy community .....

i do not get along with girls ...usually cos i tell them what i think of them ..and they cant take it ...

and i hate all the bitching and shopping ...

lol ...

and yeh i play mta ...like nonstop wen im at my bfs ...(mums too cheap to get me net at home)lol

ive even been in 2 (sorta 3 clans)


[RMO] (the 1 im in now)

[DRuG]..lol ..i joined it 4 like 3 days ...cos me and the leader of [RMO] had a huge fight ..but its all good now ...

and im the olny girl in australia that plays ....w00t ...

but i have met 1 other girl in the nederlands ...[FC].hui...(diff [FC] to the 1 i was in)

but if there are any more out there let me know ....

thnx :)

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lol ..na u prob took it the right way ...:P..hehe im a cheeky 1 ...

and yeh ive heard all bout [DRuG]...

but i get along with them ...(even tho ive neva modded...(dont know how ..lol ..but i dont wana know how ...)

im happy with vc the way it is :)

but they r a crazy bunch of guys ...they keep me entertained on their ts server ....lol

and they do help me with my relationship probs a bit ..believe it or not ..they do have hearts ...lol

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