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[MOD]GGM 0.5y released( early 0.5 version)


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Hi all,

several people have tried to logon to my ggm 0.5 server while I was testing.

I have now decided to give you something to look at.

It is the realy buggy debug version 0.5y :client and ggmserver for Windows.

Do what you like to do with this.

It should be possible to have at least a look.



If anyone want to help CODING (not testing) and you have C++ knowledge or SCM knowledge just give me a ping on ICQ 154906524 and wait for my response because I am not that often online.

links: http://www.guardians.ch/cgi-bin/ib/ikon ... #entry1465

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One heck of a bump, but none the less there's some news..

I am sorry that I have to tell you that but I give up.

I can not find all the reasons for the crashes and there are still too many things to do.

AND NO, I will not release the source code because it would not help anyone. You would not understand most parts of the code without explanations from me, yes I have not documented it.

Thanks for all your hopes and support.

Best Regards


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