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Hi! I want to buy a new cpu, but i don't know which one MTA would handle better. Can MTA:SA use out 4 cores? Or only 2?
1st opinion:
i3-6100 (2 cores, 3.7ghz, 14nm)
2nd opinion:
i5-6400 (4 cores, base clock speed: 2.7ghz, turbo clock speed: 3.3ghz, 14nm)
3d opinion:
i5-4460 (4 cores, base clock speed: 3.2ghz, turbo clock speed: 3.4ghz, 22nm)

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I'm pretty sure you would be more than fine with any of the three listed CPUs therefore I'd recommend you to go for the i5 6400 as you never know when you might actually want to play another game or so.

Of course, this is considering you also have a decent GPU and so in the PC.

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