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define a n00b

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a newbie, or newb, is a one, who is new to something.

a noob, could be someone new, like the newbie, or be familior with that something, but still act like a total dumbass.

so you see, every dumbass is a noob, but not every noob is a newbie;

coming from that, a noob, could be a newbie and/or a dumbass, but a newbie is NOT a dumbass, unless he is a noob.

any questions?

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1) A person who is new to a game

2) A person who, regardless of experience, lacks the skill or copmetence to be competitive in a certain game

3) Someone who tends to whine or complain when being beaten at a game - often done by accussing more skilled opponents of hacking

4) One who may talk trash, claiming to be elite at a game, only to be beaten down by a better player, or will turn down any games when challenged by better players.

from urbandictionary.com :wink:

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- Someone who acts like a grown up while he/she is 8-15 years old (ignore me because i'm an idiot in real-life)

- Someone who steals logos from games and chance them into their siggy

- Somone who call others a n00b

- People who are trying to be a team member by spamming on their forum/irc channel

- Cows

- Flying tacos

- People who listen to Snoop Dogg and stuff like that

- People who use Windows Media Player

- People who act like they know everything 'bout coding while they know nothing.

- People who create siggies in Paint

- 10 year old kids

- People who are not straight

- Cheaters


- Pizza

- Who are new to CS, UT and blah blah stuff like that

- People who steal my nickname

- People who laugh when they see your picture while they look (even more) ugly too

- Windows 98 users

- YOU! *hides*

Uhm, too tired right now.

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