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in games like CSS, CS, (prettymuch any SDK compatible game..)

there is the ability to call to engine functions with a outside file..

or, engine hooks.

will this be in any way possible to do to MTA?

not trying to say relesing a SDK is bad or anything, i just want to hieghten awarness..

the things that could be made with engine functions in a clientside application could be disastorus..

also, will there be a client AND server.dll?

or one DLL that handles both server and client (they both use the same DLL, but differant portions)

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I'm not sure what you mean, but as with any program, running a blue mod would do whatever the mod author want it to do. If they wanted to add a trojan they could, but it wouldn't exactly become a popular mod, would it?

There will be two dlls, just like every other game, well three, client, server and linux server.


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