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European MTA Official Servers (26/4/2005 @ 05:19 CET) by Oli


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MTA now has another 3 Official MTA Servers, based in Europe. Hosted by the fr4g.co.uk network, these servers should provide European players with lower pings while playing on Official Servers nearer them.

European MTA Official Servers: - MTA 0.5 - GTA:VC Deathmatch - 12 players - MTA 0.5 - GTA:VC Stunt - 12 players - MTA 0.5 - GTA3: Shoreside - 12 players

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Very Nice Oli. Too bad I wont be able to play on them because of my ping. Though, I might go to Europe one day and play some MTA there

nah...it depends, basically im playing on Russian servers(gta.ru) about 1.5 years and dont really feel the big difference.../me is from USA

also it would be great to get little lower pings with blue release...as far as i know its gonna use less traffic, which is good :)

ps Good news Oli, those European official servers are really good...just tested it :wink:

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