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Depends on the operating system, your gamemode and the other services that are running on the VPS.

It might be enough, if you:

  • use a lightweight Linux distribution (Debian should be fine for the most part, but you could try running MTA on something like Alpine Linux)
  • have a gamemode that doesn't use serverside scripts to a very large extent
  • don't run other services e.g. a webserver, control panel, ...

But since most VPS hosters support 1-click upgrading, it's perfectly fine to buy the small server, see what happens and upgrade if necessary.

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1. This board is for suggestions, you should have posted in the support board.

2. How much RAM does it say is available?

3. As long as the answer to question 2 is above 500 MB then definitely yes, unless you had some resources that consume a lot of RAM which you can see how much they consume in performancebrowser.

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