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Yes noobish question etc etc

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How can i add an image where a sig can be? I can upload it to the web but what do i do from there? I've looked in the other posts and FAQs, but it doesn' help me. Do i have to pu like [url/] or something like that and then the properties and [url/], or maybe thats complatly wrong?

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Everyone is bound to ask this once :)

Limit is:

The images in your signature must be sized within either 400x150 OR 620 x 80 pixels. Anything larger will be removed.

System took away my siggy too, shouldn't have configured it :\

Upload your image at imageshack.us

or http://www.uploadit.org [Loads of other good hosts too]

Imageshack will give you all sorts of links to your image, including the IMG one, which you could copy/paste directly into your profile sig box.

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