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Capture the Flag

Guest Madbanshee

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er.. wait for blue. xD (okay wait for blue seriously)

for now the closest you get it MTAMA, you could make a car the flag for example and you have to put it from one point to another and type somethin for it to check coords for example.

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I suppose if everyone in the server listen you could pursaude a group of them to play Catch The Whoopie.

If you play GTA3:MTA there's a game mode where you have to catch the Securicar and take it back to your teams base. I suppose thats based around Capture The Flag. :)

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Capture The Flag is now loaded in Gamespace(Aussie server also).

Its loaded into a voting system along with other modes i've created.

Use !modes to get list, command to load them is !votemode .

Theres also a weather & health hack checker in voting system.

All these script are one's that were loaded on Ozforces as i used to be Gameop there also before it closed down.


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