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Um, New User Help?

Guest RaVE

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Hey, I just grabbed MTA for VC the other day after hearing my friend talk about MP for San Andreas; I figured I'd give this a shot.

The modification is awesome, and I really like how there is much to do other than just kill people all the time. There is one gripe, though... I can't seem to find any help on the "!" commands. Stuff like !bank, etc, I can't find listed anywhere.

Surely something like this should be incorporated into the manual; or is this some sort of 3rd party extension?

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You have probably been playing at an RPG server. Well there are some commands from the script in the MTA addons section made by Oli and Jax. Just talk to the admin of the server and they can tell you the commands. Usually the commands should be in the message of the day.

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