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unbindKey with chatbox commands


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I've been working with binding keys quite a lot, but this is currently destroying my brain. Lots of other people have been walking against this problem and I'm trying to find a solution, it can't be that hard! :P

My setup is as following:
User gets a UI -> fills in a key to bind a chat to -> using triggerServerEvent to bind the key for the user + some sql saving

After a successful attempt of saving the new button for the user, I'm trying to unbind the key from the chatbox-styled function isn't unbinding. If I'm simply unbinding it with runcode directly in runtime, it's returning a true but it's not unbinding. I've seen several reports about this on the bugtracker but none of them were taken note off. Is there a work around or should I simply ask my users to use a MTA-based command to unbind their keys?


thanks in advance.

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Wasn't it like you can only unbind all custom chatbox keys?

bindKey("g", "down", "chatbox", "Global")
bindKey("c", "down", "chatbox", "Clan")
bindKey("l", "down", "chatbox", "Language")

unbindKey("g", "down", "chatbox") --unbinds them all?


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I remember a bug report about that problem.

If you bound 4 chatbox keys, then unbind one, all will be gone.

But they are not actually gone, they reappear once you bind another key again.


If you do it without scripting, it works as expected:

If you are ingame, and you use "/bind <key> chatbox Inputtag", you can add your own chatbox bind without any script functions.

Thats not so special yet, but if you unbind that key again, the bind is gone.

If you bound several custom chatbox inputs, you can actually unbind them one by one.


Therefore, I think this is a problem thats still not fixed.

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