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Couldn't load edf file

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Hi all, I'm trying to make a gamemode for my server, but I have a problem.


	<info author="Humber" version="1.0" name="ZombieWar" type="gamemode" edf:definition="edf/ZombieWar.edf" />


<def name="Zombie War"> 
	<element name="spawnpoint" friendlyname="Spawnpoint"> 
		<data name="position" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" /> 


ERROR: [editor]/edf/edf.lua:220: zombiewar: couldn't load edf file

Help please

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Not sure if this will help but I found the MTA source code and the error you're getting:

function edfLoadDefinition(fromResource, inResource, alreadyLoaded)
	local fromResourceName = getResourceName(fromResource)
	--get the EDF filename
	local definitionName = getResourceInfo(fromResource, "edf:definition")
	if not definitionName then
		return false
	--try to load it
	local definitionRoot = xmlLoadFile(':' .. getResourceName(fromResource) .. '/' .. definitionName)
	if not definitionRoot then
		outputDebugString(fromResourceName .. ': couldn\'t load edf file', 1)
		return false

As I see and the error says, there's an error finding the file, are the Caps correctly? maybe try writing lowercase in meta and change the file name to be lowercase

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However, it is not complicated to create spawnpoints manually. Thank you.

Edited by #Humber*

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