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Have you proof that he stayed on ground over 1 minute? Becose i didn't saw anything special.

Proof? I don't need proof, I know what I saw and I don't have to prove it to anyone, you expect me to run Fraps all day?

I guess I have 2 referees to back me up about this, one was Gunny, the other one was Hieu, both said there was something not right about Beagle in the thirth round, so they must have seen what I/we saw, I'm not saying Beagle cheated, but something wasn't right and it messed up the round pretty bad...

So tell me again, what do I need proof for?

For the clans who are backing you up, while they haven't even seen the match?

Oh btw... Don't forget, the Referees decided to do a re-round because of Beagle before we (XII) even mentioned it...

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Oh btw... Don't forget, the Referees decided to do a re-round because of Beagle before we (XII) even mentioned it...

But Beagle is honorary and im leader, i make decisions. I didn't want to reround but referees forced me to do reround with dropping in euna.

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omg, read what furi0uz wrote, u keep repeating the same shit over and over again..

Ye, i lagged, my provider is fucked up atm, furi0uz lagged, yeap.. i totally agree

But WE did NOT lay on the ground for about a minute! ([stK]Beagle)

The referees said Round Redo, before we did, and ye.. "the ref is always right".. so we sticked to it, mayb it was good for us, and bad for you, but you guys could also say, " ye ok, let's do a redo, beagle fix your lag if possible, let's keep playing" ...

I've fought in a lot of wars, and i've seen more problems that are alike.. Also on OUR team, but ye, in those matches we agreed to a redo, fixed the lag.. and played on.. and everyone was happy

But u guys keep nagging and nagging... live with it, the refs said XII won, so we are through, i guess hieu and gunny won't change it nemore

and u guys can say that it wouldn't have happen when there was another ref... but every simple soul on MTa can see (in the log) that it is pretty clear that we won due to a FAIR redo..

but well, i'm off.. can't stay talking bout this shit eh..

just live with it..

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Mwah... Take it easy mate...

They have proven theirselve well in that war, and I can understand their point of losing because of a re-round, but they could see it from our point as well, since it isn't really normal if a player stays down for that long...

But hey, let's keep it cool RazoR, it's pretty normal they aren't happy with it atm...

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aight theres always too much controversy in mta.. we had a terrible game with uva, the ref wouldnt even know what was going on, they broke the rules like 5 times during 2 rounds but still... instead of arguing we just let them through so they could jack off about it.. hilarious but hey thats the beuty of playing betas 8) as well as the retardement of some of the players... :roll:

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what a lol ! btw so who finally won ?? And I'd like to say only one thing: I want others refeeres on RP vs FMJ :D, generally it can be only Hieu because I am sure that FMJ is fully just (we too :D:P).

BTW> RP vs FMJ : Sunday 12.06.2005 , time: 19:30 GMT , yeah :D ! server not decided yet

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Well furiouz was lagging and didnt get hit of my bullets... On my screen o get him down and threw nades, then he somehow was somewhere else and some of XII came from my back and killed me because i was trying to kill furiouz who wasnt really there...

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STK, you know that this championchips' rules don't cover all parts. this has been said by many members. you know this from the start. so why join in the first place?

it's just like i said. you guys should have taken a closer look to the championships' rules and stuff before you signed up. now it's too late, but you blame the referees and other clan(s) ? that's not a good idea.

i mean look at the eu league, it was well organised. and almost every clan knew the rules, that's why there wasn't much complaint(they knew what the rules were, so they knew what could happen, and that's why they accepted the results; whether positive or negative).

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