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EUNA Championship 2 VC - www.v51-euna.tz4.com

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Well This Is My Third Ever clanwar tournament. Last EUNA it was a Knockout but this time it will start as a league which will go into a tournament.


16 clans will be divided into 4 groups with 4 clans in each group. The groups will be a league. The Top 2 clans will go through into the Knockout stages. All Clans have 2 weeks to play all their 3 games in the stages with a ref from another clan.

1 Point will be given for every win. If there is a tie at the end of all 3 clanwars played then it will go on Rounds. The Round Difference (Rounds Won - Rounds Lost (In Matches)) will decide who goes through. The clan(s) with a bigger RD (Round Difference) will go through to the Knockout stages.

There will be 3 matches played for every clan in each Group.

The Final 8 clans will go into the last EUNA style. For Each stage there will be 1 week to arrange a match and play it (The Quarter Finals will allow 2 wins)

When The League Starts and ....

The League starts on 29th APRIL 2005 (Deadline starts for Group stages until 18th May).

No Matches Will be played between the 19th May - 24th May, Clans may have practice clanwars between the date.




No Cheating/Modding/Glitching/Helikilling/Carkilling

No Car Damage

No Killing or Spawnkilling before GO! is called

Crash/Pop-up/Time-out = OUT of Round

Once Your Dead, You are out of the round and must go spectate (Which means DO NOT RESPAWN)

All Bases must not HAVE a Loading Interior Graphic (e.g bank, malibu) and Ammunation Downtown roof will also be a disallowed base as it has invisible walls and also Pizza Place Vice Point because of the pink info marker.

All clans must organise their own matches and play them on their own server.



Site: http://www.v51-euna.tz4.com (LONG URL: http://euna.siteburg.com


Prize And Sponsors:

PRIZE: A free month's Oxidehost.net US MTA Server

Sponsors: Vortex51.com (Championship Co-Owners), Oxidehost.net

Participating Clans:

Group A:

1) - Untouchables - United Kingdom

2) [uVA] - Ultimate Vice Assassins - United Kingdom

3) =PCP= - Polish Connection Patriots - Poland

4) [FMJ] - Full Metal Jacket - United Kingdom

Group B:

1) =NSA= - National Security Agency - United Kingdom

2) :TmB: - The Mafia Bosses - Europe

3) [DA] - Deadly Assassins - United Kingdom

4) (RP)* - Ruthless Predators - Poland

Group C:

1) ~AnK> - ApoCaLyPse NighT KiLLers - France/Italy

3) [stK] - Shoot To Kill - Finland

4) [VM] - Vaincre ou Mourir - France

Group D:

1) [XII] - Majestic Twelve - Netherlands

2) [XG] - XenoGamers - Netherlands

3) [VCP] - Vice City Police - International

Next Clans will go into Group C and D then after it will go back to ABCD and so on...

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XG reports in :) Were a Dutch clan :)

Sounds good! This league could be a real chance to proof ourselfs..

Hope everything works out, could use a server :P

Greetingz XG Emperor

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  • MTA Team
if you need a server i can probably change the pass on the vc gather server so you can use that.

contact me if you need to hieu

Sure we might need it for a few matches so I'll contact u later on next week.

jani its okay, we can set the password for the EUNA, we can handle it for you if you want. we were planning to ask you for permission anyway. so hieu, either PM Jani, me or mike (mike runs the scripts so if u want anything it'd be best to catch him).

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