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Attach 3d sound to slothbot ped [ FIXED]

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Hello, i need help i tried to attach a 3d sound to a slothbot ped but it doesn't work, the ped works nice and everything but the sound is not attached to him.

Server side script:

	triggerClientEvent ( "JasonSoundClientEvent", root, jasonbot )

Client side script:

addEvent("JasonSoundClientEvent", true)
addEventHandler("JasonSoundClientEvent", root,
function ( ped )
			local jasonsound = playSound3D("sounds/jasonsound.mp3", -1633.8134765625, -2234.517578125, 31.4765625, true)
			setSoundMaxDistance( jasonsound, 50 )
			setSoundEffectEnabled(jasonsound, echo, true)
			setSoundVolume(jasonsound, 1)
			attachElements(jasonsound, ped)

Why it doesn't work?

Nvm fixed lol i had AttachElements and is attachElements

because A doesn't work xDDDD

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