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On ٢٦‏/٣‏/٢٠١٨ at 05:00, Saml1er said:

Just because MTA is a mod, it does not mean that we can't have MTA on Steam.

You have to buy GTA:SA to install mta.

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1 hour ago, _Kinan said:

You have to buy GTA:SA to install mta.

Yeah, I never said you could run it without GTA:SA. My point is that it's possible to have MTA on steam even if you need GTA:SA for it, but migrating will be some good amount of work.

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  DOWNSIDE: TK2 could and might take action to buy or even sue the devs if not agreed with a negotiation, incorporating MTA with GTA SA officially, making MTA:SA not free or even worse, adding microtransactions in it. 

   UPSIDE: More players, more servers and scripters. We may see 100K or even 1KK player base online on MTA all day/night.

+Node: These 3XA companies only see money as a good income, not a full community of lovers as a good thing for them.

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