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yo this is a general complaint to the SB serv...............

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yo this is a complaint to the SB server, i have been with the MTA community for a year now, i have been accused of hacking meny times. normally i would let someone who is new to the game(a noob) pass for the accusation. well I went to thee SB server today and i was accused of hacking by most of the players and the admin. this post isnt anti-sb because the only sb wearing a tag stuck up for me (he was also the only 1 there with any skills other than me). some of the immature things said towards me in that server were just plain stupid....actually all of the things said there are just plain stupid. but i want to contact killer. if you read this email please add me at braddock@chaoselite.tk.

(P.S. I dont hack or glitch or mod in MTA)

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