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A Bunch of other ideas

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Well here are some more ideas, but i'm gonna keep them all in one thread because it wont be as spammy:

Stunt Time

in thise gametype, you have to get as high a stunt score as possible, and unique stunts give you points instead of cash. person with the most points or first to reach the score limit wins!


the aim of this team game is to have as many SPANK packages in your base marker at the end of the time limit. SPANK packages are spread out across Liberty City, and driving through one will pick it up. You can only carry 5 packages at a time, and you must get them back to your base which is a giant mission marker where they will be dropped in the marker randomly. enemies can pick up packages from your base to take it back to theirs, so its both a game of searching, offense, AND defence all in one. you could also set it as an option to win if one team has every package in the level

Cops & Robbers

this game has 1 randomly selected person as the bad guy, and everyone else are cops. The cops try to kill the robber, and when the robber is killed, the person who killed him becomes the robber. you need to stay alive the longest time as the rober to win

Full Wing Dodo Disaster

There are tons of Full Wing Dodo's flying about. When one is destroyed, it drops a package that you mush collect. The person with the most packages wins.

Tank Battle

Each player starts in a tank in a random part of the city. The tanks are modified to have the explosions be like petrol bomb explosions (which enough of can destroy tanks). Simply kill as many other tanks as possible (you cant get out of your tank)

RC Bandit Deathmatch

Everyone is controlling RC Cars and are trying to destroy other player RC Cars with a flamethrower attached to the front of he car (getting hit by flame instantly kills them)

Tanks & Whoopies

same as the cops & robbers, but cops are replaced by tanks, robbers replaced by whoopies

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heres some other stuff i just thought up, not gametypes, but more like options that can be turned on and off, and some have different settings:

Bodyguard Helpers

This gives the player in last place 1-5 bodyguards depending on the server's settings. If the player in last place moves up, the bodyguards die and respawn next to the new last place player

Selective Deathmatch

The server randomly selects one person for you to kill. you only get the frag if you kill that person. The server then chooses a new person for you to kill.

Stealth Killings

Lots of police helicopters patrol the skies over Liberty, if they see you shoot at all, they open fire on you. Try to kill people when the helicopters cannot see you or there are non in the area.

Stealth Action

Several settings for this one: No-one on radar, teammates have arrows. Teammates on radar and have arrows. Or Everyone on radar and only teammates have arrows.


If you have the package, you either: Do double damage, get twice as much for kills, or have infinite ammo, depending on server settings

Air Vehicle Fun

If you see a police heli or ful wing dodo flying over the city, destroying it will give you 10 frags

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