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Spawn zombie

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On 10.12.2016 at 2:18 PM, LoPollo said:

<def name="Zombies">
    <element name="Zombie_spawn" friendlyname="Zombie Spawnpoint" icon="edf/zombiespawn.png">
        <data name="position" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" />
        <data name="rotation" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" />
        <ped model="0" rotation="!rotation!"/>
        <object model="1254" posZ="1" rotation="!rotation!"/>

Where to add?




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11 hours ago, ViRuZGamiing said:

<data name="position" type="coord3d" default="1900,200,18" /> 

I suppose

don't work

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51 minutes ago, ViRuZGamiing said:

It doe work when you change the StreamMethod to 2 in the Meta.xml in <settings>.  It still doesn't work


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Change stream method to 2.

Start zombie resource and map editor, through map editor you add a zombie spawnpoint, save the map and run it along with zombies resource.

That's about it if I recall correctly.

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<setting name="*StreamMethod" value="[0]" />

  1. </meta>

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