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Server problem


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Right i created my server with the config tool i named it and added port 2126 too my fire wall i added port 2003 and also added my admin port 4003. For some reason i dont know how to get people to join my server i use my ip addreas but not even me can join my server and i did open the server.exe :?

Thax for any help

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Your first post was perfectly understandable, I'm not sure why Jani said the above, perhaps he has reading difficulties?

Try connecting to your server using (locally) if its on the same machine. To the LAN ip of the machine if it is another, networked one.

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Ok then

I created my server with the config tool. Then i enabled port 2126 , 2003 , 4003 in my windows fire wall. Now i tryed to connect too my server with my ip but it just wont connect.

Best idea is to just disable windows firewall altogether, its crap.. If youre using a router, then you have to forward the ports on it too. http://www.portforward.com i believe, its pretty simple =)

(make sure you use udp not tcp! ;))

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