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[MOD]MultiTheftAudio [WIP]


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Having seen john quote this from elsewhere:

As previously mentioned in GameStar magazine, the MP3 radio station will return and you can insert commercials between your mp3's if you want. This makes for a brand new trend in the GTA community: making the best commercials

This has tickled my fancy. In the past I've made several comedy audio recordings with friends, redubbed old movies on the fly and even made short films (but we won't go into that) and I intend to make a (possibly MTA or community themed) set of station breaks/adverts/talk segments in preperation for future moddable multiplayer SA.

How you can help

I'm looking for people with talent in the following areas, who are interested in takign part in the creative process. Note I'm looking for talent, you do NOT have to be experienced or professional in these fields

Comic Writers. A brief sample of your work or a draft idea for a station break would be ideal .

Voice Artists. Submit a sample of the voices and emotions you 'do', recorded in mp3 format ideally. The following line should be used with each character, with suitable emotional range.

The line: 'I love you darling, but I really HATE IT when you use my razors to shave the cat. Besides, I think you misunderstood the concept of a shaved pussy.'

I already have some ideas sketched out, and writing will be the main phase initially. The beauty of this is we can go with as many themes and ideas as we deem fit.

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To me, either email it or host it and tell me the url to download from.

Domspy submitted a sample MP3 and although a couple of the voices were a bit dodgy ;) on the whole it was good, so hopefully he will be voicing some of the characters for us.

A note about the writing, dont worry about your spelling or punctuation too much, I can correct those, and dont try to be 'uproariously funny', you'll struggle to do so and may get put off it entirely. Remember most of the gta3/VC humor was quite subtle and dry or obvious and smutty/toilet humour.

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lol, I could definitely do the voice acting thing.. Just as soon as I get this damn microphone working properly.. Its just really quiet :| ive tried turning up the volume and crap, if someone could pm me with some help for that I would appreciate it =)
I got a button called +20dB on my mixer
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Well while I was bored I thought of a couple of small scripts for this.

Maybe they could be used if they're brushed up a little?

Talk show

Phone-in section

Caller has an Australian accent

Host: Hello caller, what do you want to talk about?

Caller: Long distance calls.

Host: Okay…. What about them? Good, bad, indifferent?

Caller: Well you know you get those pauses.

Host: Erm, what pauses?

Caller: When you say something and then it takes a while for the signal to get bounced off a satellite, halfway round the world and then back again… you know.

Host: Oh, oh yeah, right. I know what you mean now. It’s the delay, right? The lag. So what about them?

Caller: Well I’ve come up with a way to compensate for them.

Host: Wow, how do you do that?

Caller: It’s quite easy really – you simply start answering before the other person has finished talking.

Host: That’s actually really clever, have you tested it?

Caller: I’m calling you from Australia right now.

Host: That’s amazing!

Caller: Jack.

Host: So what’s your name? … Oh dear, it seems we’ve lost the connection.

Hangs up phone.

Host: Well that was a very interesting idea, it really was. If anyone else had got a good idea or invention call the show now on the usual number.


Narrator: The dentist says brush twice a day, but do you ever have too little time to eat AND brush?

Busy man: Darn, it’s 8 already? I’ll have to brush in the car.

Narrator: Do your children hate brushing?

Kid: I don’t want to brush my teeth!!

Narrator: Well now there’s Vorodent from Zaibatsu pharmaceuticals. Each mint-flavoured tablet dissolves in your mouth coats your teeth with a small layer of asbestos – guaranteed to keep out plaque.

Man: It’s 8 o’clock, but at least I don’t have to brush my teeth now.

Kid: Gee, it brushes my teeth while I eat!

Narrator: Ask your dentist about Vorodent today!

This one is a bit long for a standard 30s advert slot, so some of it may need to be cut down.

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