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Welcome to V.C.C (Vice city clowns) we recruting

Guest (VCPD)lucas

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hey i have benn with mtavc for quite some time now

i am currently a member of(VCPD) so i have now decided to form my own clan.hey i also had a job opening at VCL but i gave it up so i could start this clan

this clan is for all u assasins out there with a sense of humour

anyone if wants to join or needs info

can post their Q to me at lucasbanerji@hotmail.com

or can posta messege

peace out!!! :twisted:

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you dirty rotten!!!! you blocked me on msn!

hmm so many people have blocked u stewie so there is something wrong with urself i guess . :lol:

And good luck clown clan creator.

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thanx killer and stewie i dint block u man i just dont come online that often and watch the language,

ANyway guys i need member,and leaders for this clan so could u please think about joining this gang and establish it!! :lol:

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