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[MOD]Real Weapons Mod

Guest Dark_Skater

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the instability thing is just a fairy tale made up to stop ppl from modding! I say once again - not all modding is bad (visual is not) but as it was said w8 for blue coz now it's illegal :!: (btw about 80 brand new custom vehicles didnt caused instability in my case :lol: )

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well i used to play a whole week on a modded VC (non cracked MTA client) and i didnt saw more crashes than usual :wink: and for cheaters :!: yes.... if they do some thing that VC dont understand - it will cause crash to em and other ppl on the server...but Custom (visual) things don't cause it :)

cheating is BAD :!: remember :arrow:BAD

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  • MTA Team
it's not the person who uses them, thought that person causes instability for the other users

exxxx fucking actlyyyy

Its not the person sending bizarre data that pays the price, its the people trying to recieve the bizarre data.

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Just thought about this. Maybe cam hack can be used for first person mode, use the real weapons mod, and have a different map that blue could work out. Maybe we can make a sort of CSS mod.

Why make a CSS mod when you could make something original and tuned to GTA's gameplay? There are a million CS clones out there.

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