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Strange Client Crash - before VC is executed ?


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Fresh install of windows, I havent played MTA in about 2 months.

After installing VC, playing it once, installing MTA -

When i join a server and attempt to start game the "Run Game" box opens and i have to browse to the GTA-VC.EXE file and execute it.

However once the run game box opens and i attempt to browse to VC as soon as i click anything in the box it freezes, MTA runs at 100% and i have to end it in taskmanager.

Ive never encountered a problem like this since my time in MTA (since near the beggining) Ive tried reinstalling VC, MTA and re-downloaded MTA ect..

This isnt a VC problem as it happens before i even exe it, its I doubt its my PC as I dont have any problems at all with other games, I can only assume its MTA. Also, when I join a server, if i left click in the chatbox to paste it freezes MTA and again it runs 100% n i have to end it.

My system specs -

Athlon 64 3200+ (90nm) @ 2.4ghz

2x 512 DDR400 (generic) @ 200mhz (using mem divider)

GA-K8NS Ultra 939

WD Raptor 36gb 10k (if i could OC it i would ;))

Galaxy Glacier 6800 Ultra @ 1.18ghz

2.2mb connection (this comp is running on gigabit network through another comp which has the modem, ICS)

This have the same probs without the overclocks, however my system is P95 100% stable with them anyway.

Anyways, I really miss playing MTA and I'd love to start playing it again so if anyone can help me out here I'd be grateful.

-Damo- (AKA Smog)

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From Known Issues:

Freeze when client tries to display dialog asking for game path

There have been a couple of occurence of this, and we'd be interested to see why this is. You can avoid it by manually setting the path in the mta.ini in your game folder (not windows folder anymore). If you have this problem, can you please create a system info profile (Start -> Run -> "systeminfo > c:\sysinfo.txt") (no quotes) then email me the file sysinfo.txt on your c: drive (email is eAi[at]opencoding[dot]net).

For Vice City, your mta.ini should contain (replace the path if necessary):

Location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe

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