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One last important/weird Question...


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Whenever I click on the gta-vc.exe to start playing VC, it says

" the procedure entry point GetRawInputDeviceInfoW could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll "

What does this mean?

P.S : My version of VC is original, i did not download it, rip it etc.

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ok if this helps,Before asking this question, I reformated my compter (deleted everything, and made it fast again) and installed Vice City but I can't play it. Do I need to Install some software to make my computer play VC?

P.S. and yes I do have user32.dll in my system32 directory

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ok basically I got it... This probably means I don't have user32.dll in my system32 directory, but the problem is, I do have it!

No, it means that either:

1. You don't have it (but you would have even greater problems).

2. You have an old version.

3. It is corrupted.

Try reinstalling DirectX as suggested.

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