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I brought you bakaGaijin and Ash Now I bring Discord integration with MTA scripts. MTA already has this for IRC Shoutout to the people who made the Sockets module, you're awesome.

I have released a self-hosted Discord relay some time ago, but didn't bother posting here or adding documentation. @specahawk, you can tell me to remove this post if you don't want to have this advert

There are 3 parts, the relay server and 2 MTA resources. You can install PM2 (Unitech/pm2) to launch the relay node.js server. You only have to duplicate example.config.json as config.json, make your

Need some updates the code. I don't have the knowledge to do it.

My bot disconnet after some hours. and the process back on but bot not. I need restart app all days.
** If i update the discord folder bot not work. So i think the code need some updated.




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The only thing stopping me from using this amazing tool is the NodeJS dependency. Right now I'm hosting my server from my local PC so it will work perfectly. But if I change to a real host they don't give access to the Linux console but only to the MTA server console which means I can't install NodeJS there and can't use it then. Ideal thing would be for it to be usable just like the IRC resource, only depending on websockets.dll (or .so).

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