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Vice City .exe not working at all

Guest kidnotorious

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Here's my story:

I downloaded MTA last Saturday and it worked great, playing online and such. The next day I go to play single player Vice City, open gta-vc.exe and NOTHING happens. Then I go to play MTA, connect to a server, then click start game, still NOTHING happens. MTA tells me it can't launch the game or whatever, and that I should visit the forums. I have reinstalled both VC and MTA several times with no success. I do not know why it is doing this it worked fine the other day. I am using Windows 2000 SP4 with a GeForce FX 5200 vid card, if that makes any difference.


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ahhh ive had this before, speically if u just updated your graphic drivers, go to my documents > gta vice city user files > and delete the gta-vc.set file, then load your gta:vc in single player, set your res and stuff, then load the game in single player, after the cut scene outside the lawyer office, quit game, then try mta

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