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How can I join the MTA team and begin contributing to the MTA source code?

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16 minutes ago, Einheit-101 said:

I get this error when MTA isn't installed (no registry entry) and I try to run it by just copying the files on the pc.

Have you installed MTA before you replaced the default stuff with your own stuff?

No. I have only downloaded the files, from github, then 


  1. Execute create-projects.bat
  2. Open Build\MTASA.sln
  3. Compile
  4. Install data files: utils\premake5.exe install_data
  5. Install resources: utils\premake5.exe install_resources (optional step)

What to do?

Is there anyone from the MTA team who can tell me his Skype nickname?

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2 hours ago, fastman92 said:


How do I run the MTA and test how it's working?



I'm not much knownledgable about building a custom build, but have you included the net modules, which aren't opensource and therefore aren't automatically included in your project if you didn't add them manually. net.dll and netc.dll, like take them from the nightly revision your branch fork is based on. like into MTA San Andreas 1.5/MTA > netc.dll and server folder > net.dll

2 hours ago, fastman92 said:

Is there anyone from the MTA team who can tell me

Join the IRC, 

Server - irc.gtanet.com/mta
Port - 6667

on GTANet there, once connected, join the #mta.dev channel.

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2 hours ago, fastman92 said:

Now I'm looking what prevents the ASI files from being loaded.


MTA forbids loading of ASI files (and I'd imagine any other file types that are automatically loaded as modules by GTA) in order to prevent CLEO mods and other unauthorized modifications.


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  •  When I run nighlty build that I have compile
    I get "Installing update"
    How to develop the MTA in spite of all these problems?
    The MTA forum is pretty :~ty, it's not possible to edit the post code directly, I want to edit the BBcode manually
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