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K4F: San Andreas Clan


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It is not a change in clan name but a change in clan. Me and Plague wanted to restart a new clan with a much more positive light. The VFT was a thing of the past and now someone else has the honor to run that clan. Also being part of the VFT clan, I had no clan wars which was my goal when creating the VFT clan. I wanted the clan to be respected as a professional clan. unfortunately that was not the case. VFT however was a good experience but I feel this new clan will be seen with a more positve light.

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So a name Change from VFT to K4F.

VFT sounds fine, why change it?

P.S: Manero, you could have edited your name in Profile :D:D:D

I did change my name in profile. My post count was deleted though because I asked the moderators to close the VFT section.

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Well San Andreas comes out in June and it is most likely there will be no multiplayer feature. But I am not going to be playing MTA till June anyways cos I am very busy with school. But San Andreas Is the best GTA Game in my oppinion. Like you say, I will be practising on Single Player on PS2.

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I have decided to give up on this clan. I have found it is too hard to start a clan from scratch when you have no mebers to support you. If anyone would like ot take over this clan be my guest. I feel it is easier for me to join an already established clan. If anyone does want to take over this clan then I am willing to stay committed to this clan. If any clan is willing to recruit me can you please pm me or email me. My email address is bennyboy_legend@hotmail.com

As also being the starter of the VFT clan, I saw that this clan had nothing going for it. I am quite sure this clan had the potential for somehting to be going for it but I do not want to go through the process of recruiting players. There are already many well equipped clans with very talented palyers. I am sorry if I am letting anyone down by cancling this clan but I feel it will have no effect on the MTA community at all. With all this said, that is it. I am an open player willing to join a well established clan. Thanks everyone.

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i dont knwo why someone would take over. I am just saying if someone wishes to, then they are free to do so. The reason I have quit this clan is because I also started the VFT clan which only consisted of myself and Plague. That clan was started in February. That is how hard its been. I have realised I dont want to go through this process again.

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I have been recruiting for over 5 months. Noone has come. I am not lazy. I am busy with school. I am not a lazy ass. I hleped create a website for exposure. Plague actually did most. I have asked on servers, but noone would join. I want to be in a well established clan.

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wow, I see what you mean...but try and put more effort into it. You can't start a new clan and expect just anyone to join, you have to make yourself known, the way i think about it, getting known is really not about advertisement, it's more on how much you are active to mta and how well you play(somewhere around them lines). But anyways GL reaper.

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