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How fast can you type?


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  • MTA Team

heh... 49 I can type very fast but I dont use the "finger positions" so I cant really go on random words quickly. My mind has to think for a second.

edit 54

It seems on lvl 6 the words are a bit shorter, it comes more of a fast thinker thing.

/me waits for IJs to smoke this mother

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  • MTA Team

Damn, guess I am pretty fast. I tried 8-10 times altogether.

Yea sometimes you get unlucky and get a word thats damn near impossible to type. If you get to level six, at that point it seemed they were all short enough to answer. At least as far as I got, I still died because you still you have to think as fast as possible.

/me taps IJs

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32 at first, lets see the 2nd try..

infidelity.. wtf theres words ive never head before :/ meh 26 on 2nd..

stupid 2 finger typing tech :P

i ind it alot harder to look at the screen to read the word and then to look at my kb to type it then if id just type some sentence that im preparing in my mind

i also think the test is a bit messy, i mean until you can only read some long words they are already in the middle of the screen, makes long words even harder, it would be nice if it was vertical but yeah i suck at typing :P

IJs is teh machine, i guess he can type faster then i can read lol

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