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Blockland is a really cool online game that Brophy recently introduced us to. It's basically multiplayer lego, and can be a great laugh.

Some screenshots:


Blockland can be downloaded here.

A few of people from this forum/MTA IRC play it: XcR, MAD_BOY, MrBump, BrophY, Gamefreek and Mike. If you would like to play come on IRC and set up a game :)

Picture of a skyscraper:


Overall this is a fun game and definately worth downloading to try. The filesize is 8.9mb, so any connection can handle it.

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Well I tried finding the limit.. in this bedroom its truly to the ceiling, impressive and nice to know. Most games you think "aw crap it woulda been cool if I didnt have that limit" - example we all know: vice city helicopter


I would build something but controls feel too buggy for me. Its alotta numpad use for placing bricks, but when you have to move with WSAD and somehow use the mouse.. it requires a lot of hand moving.

The other thing being the jetpack, when you let go of jetpack, your guy falls about 20 ft before it finally stops and starts going back up, which is very annoying. No hover in place option.

You guys have 10 slots instead of 5 and are outside.. it doesnt look like the playground one (i downloaded the bedroom one). Heres where I got it from:


Other than the controls an impressive free game (soon not to be free from what I read).

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id download it.

what is it like a online legos? :)

yeah pretty much, you pick up bricks/spray cans/hammer at the start and just start to build your thing :)

ransom: we're using version 1.6, ill upload it to my host or give u a link to it thru irc or whatever.

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ah i see.. well I always loved legos as a kid, an online version one be kinda cool, no blocks stuck together feeling like glue got in there.. and no cleanup.. and no rebuilding.. and no tryin to save it only to have someone come and destroy it :D (much like your sandcastle on the public beach)

PS v1.6 has control change options.. this game will be fun now.

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ah yes, can't wait to rebuild my stairway to heaven, specially made for people in wheelchairs :P

Dear madboy can you hear the wind blow? and did you know, your stairway lies on the whispering wind

:shock::shock: , its the heaven of cheese which his stairs lead too :shock:

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I would get it but it seems like a lot of work making your own map. How long did it take to make those maps?

That took me about 2 1/2 hours. Was a waste of time really :P

It gets quicker when you realize how to work the buttons. Plus you can place a brick, and the print is still there for you to move, so click, move it 5 spaces click again... etc.

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