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MTA Error. Can not start MTA client.

Guest MTAplaya

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Hello, just recently I removed winXP and installed Win2000 Pro. Now MTA client is not running under this and I don't know why. As soon as I open mtaclient.exe, it gives me an error and exits. I have tried reinstalling/rebooting and nothing works. Here is the error:


btw, I looked for an error log in MTA directory but their is none.

Any ideas?

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from the known issues thread

try this hopfully it works

Crash on client startup

This might be causes by being unable to download the welcome message. This should only happen if the MTA site is down, or you aren't connected to the internet. If this is the case, it should try to download it for about 15 seconds - before it gives the crash. It might be possible to fix this by adding "DontGetLatest=1" on the second line of your "mta.ini" in your MTA folder (under "[Main]"). Alternatively, try creating a blank file called "mtaclientwelcome.dat" in your MTA folder - this is probably only relevant if this is the first time you've run the MTA 0.5 client.

Update: We've managed to replicate, confirm and fix this bug. Whenever we release a general patch, this will be fixed. In the meantime, ensure mtaclient.exe can access the internet through your firewall, or for on a LAN you can change the following value in mta.ini .


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Hey thanks man. creating the file mtaclientwelcome.dat made it work.

I don't know what was wrong because I am connected to the internet.. oh well it works now 8)

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