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A goon clan threatening to hack an MTA server


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i signed it, if only we cud get rid of these ddosers thou.

on a side note: is MTA-Server down?

edit: somehow i dont think the government will do anything, just read the signitures, only a few are genuine

188. Jason Kimmel The g00ns are evil! They raped my mother, abused my little brother and sister, and they hung my father from a tree. They are bad people, with evil plans. They evil cut my nuts of so i could reproduce! they must be take down!

165. DoS__ WTF?? THIS IS LAME!! DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS__DoS

148. Elvis Pressley t3h g00ns have hackdded Jimmy Hoffa.


those are simply a few examples. and check this out:

53. Virus distributer #2 you guys (goons) will be ofline within the month you can count on it, and if you want to know who did it its Group#9012

lol war of the hackers?

that petition site evidently isnt very good with lack of security...

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It's probably all talk, trying to freak you out.

If they really had the power to hack you, why would they annouce that they would, but not?

Just kids wanting attention and to get what they want, like a couple of 8 year olds saying "my dad could beat up your dad!"

They actually attempted. Not talk at all, they delievered. Ask Vtec. :(

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dude easy to track them, track their IP when they join a server and finish. they've been tracked down and whatever

Dude, Vtec has all their I.P's.

Vtec is planning to take legal action once he tracks their actual location down (e.g, Street, Suburb, town), and get the U.S Government Feds (FBI, CIA etc) involved. Like actually. All true

Vtec when investigating the other day and found out this:

1. [g00n]Hexial has some connection with *FKU* (Quig, Vtec needs to talk to you)

2. [g00n] are wanted by the FBI (Not really ATM, probably havent heard of em just yet) :?

3. [g00n] are known hackers and cheaters Embarassed (We already know that):oops: <-- at them

oh and i'm signer 256 :P

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I agree that these people should be stopped but the petition just gives them attention and does nothing to end the ddossing

Anyone who knows anything knows there is only one way to stop these people

Hold a seance

Well [KFC]-vtec, a few people who were hacked by them, the =LMAO= clan put a stop to a few goons. The FBI has recently tracked down a few goons, but I don't think they are all gone. Stewie is claimed to be a goon, so I will find something out about this.

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