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Need Help Setting Up Server

Guest AAAwesomeAdam

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No more confusion now. Still, I tend to use the dedicated server anyway.

edit: Oh yes, back to the question of setting up a server.

When you download the client installer you should of course tick 'install server' or whatever it said.

The server had a memory bug when it was released, so you'll need to fetch the MTA Server (Patch 1) for MTA 0.5 - Put that file in the server dir (C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto\) replace it with the previous mtaserver.exe.

Now you can choose to configure the server options, either through the client itself, or the mtaserver.conf file (open with notepad.) There is of course also the setup program that followed with the installer.

Personally I usually use the .conf file for configuring, it's all explained in the file how to configure it properly.

That's all there is to it, peace out.

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