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Vice City rant


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just a quick little rant, i dont know who it should be aimed at though, R*, some worthless logistics company (not fedex =P) or the australian government for their stupid censorship laws (THe game is distributed via aussie which sucks). Seems that GTA:VC's New Zealand release has been delayed :cry::cry::cry::twisted:

Damn, I wish I didn't have to say this .. but .... GTA Vice City has slipped out of May and into June. I have been chatting with the local Rockstar Distributor and he has advised 'that due to logistical problems' the game will now release with a street date of 12th June. We can all blame the Aussies for this one (well at least I am), as they ... never mind, lets just blame them!

Lifes a bitch... oh well =)

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Hey man.. Well as you know Xerox, im an Aussie, and yeah the Aussie Govermant SUX... with their stupid laws and crap...

I know just how much the Content is going to be cut out of VC in the Aus / NZ version and it sux.. the content on which is going to be sut out adds to the excitment of the game..

I bet ya thats why they have really delayed it. Cos it's still not upto the Aussie goverment standard.. Dam wankers

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I wont go any further into politics here =)

It was easy to get around those problems in gta3, i just said i was from the US when i installed it and i was able to access the hookers, blood etc etc.

Id say gta:vc will probably allow us to do the same etc.

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