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MTA server list help

Guest astro_boy

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Hi, I have vice city 1.0

I can start MTA 5 and it all works fine, but when I search for servers it only comes up with the name: Unscanned and all the players: 0/0

What does this mean?

I have applied the server install, but was unable to install the server Patch1.

It said: The config file could not be loaded?


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yes, i have a firewall, but i set it to accept connections from that program.

I can join games that are posted on the main website, its just them lists.

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Thanks alot guys, i have gotten this far. all-seeing eye loads up all the servers and it shows players on there and all. Now my problem is when i boot MTA from all seeing eye it doesnt connect to that server It just says


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)

Over and over, even if i type the ip address in manually it still doent work.?

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i get the same problem and i have a router is this the problem ...

kinda answer for this post did your computer have a internet secuirty already installed because this sometimes mucks things up also is this the first time you have played

what ports are needed for mta to work + does port fowarding need to be on.

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finally i got a solution for this well a part time solution it works anyway

go to the below

http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php? ... er=players

then click on a server you want there is a little box to the left once youve click on it in that box there is server info and also a button saying play click it and away you go hope it helps

i also think its got to be somethink with ase because i went on there site and it said they dont support routers and firewalls ect .

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