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question from one programmer to another

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Look guya just read what the bloke is saying:

Hes creating a program, and does not want that program to apear in the task menu while his program is running.

So as its on an MTA forum its pretty obvious that he wants to create a trainer and bypass MTAs shoddy anti cheat system.

Tell him if you like how to do it because Im notn familiar with Windows behind the scenes coding and stuff (if indeed the solution were to lay there).

LINUX all the way.

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he means in programs like WPE pro, and tsearch, why the MTAClient doesnt show up.

and how to make this the same for his game.

MTAClient.exe still shows up in the taskbar, and im not certain, but i think MTAClient just hides itself from MFC apps, correct me if im wrong.

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i dunno wat progs my friend uses but hees a security tester for games

he said

"when i try to find the process its hidden"

im developing a program as an addon to Robot Arena 2

but im worried about people useing it to their advantage

ive used an api call to find the window name of open processes and made the program terminate when it finds a process to make cheats or edit memory

i found a way some people do it as to regrester it as a service but that only works in windows 98.

ps. im familer with VB6, VB.NET, Java, and Python im taking C++ as a language next year though i know a little bit of C#

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i believe in 2k/xp if you set hte application name to null, then it wont appear in the applications list, but as eai said thats kinda pointless as it will still show up in the processes list, which is where it is likely to be detected if the user isn't a noob.

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