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Every time someone is like "OMG I have like the bestest ideaz ever for blue!!!1" people reply saying that "Dude, n00b, you will be able to program that mod yourself, yes blue is that powerful" (slight exageration on both parts)

My question is, if everyone is making their own mods, wont blue will be a mess of incompatiblity? There should be some kind of universal package installer, where all these hand coded mods are stored in some kind of database so players won't have to install 22,895,124 mods for each server.

Or maybe blue should be updated everytime 50 or so mods have been submitted... or the blue client can have something that runs in the background and notifies players when new mods are available to dl? (like antivirus software automatically downloads new virus identities)

Something to think about.


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We wont be putting other peoples mods into the blue package in the way you describe, just like Counterstrike doesn't come with the hundreds of available skins and maps that exist.

Remember Blue is designed from day one to support a level of customisation, so of course structures will be in place to allow it. We aren't aproaching this blindly :)

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  • MTA Team

Yes i was going to start a topic similar to this. what im worried about the mod compatibilites is that there may be too many different game modes. People thinking "well i prefer this to be like this" with one slight change, with each and every server having there own slight personalisation there will be no standard for gamemodes. i worry that it'll be too hard just to have a simple game with there being a mod/gamemode change capability.

also, i understand that if you want to play a full modification you must download it before hand, but with all the different gamemodes that may be created, i think it wud be best for an scm downloader. that is, if there are all these small 'personalisations' of servers

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I think there'll be enough servers with vice as it is now in mta, without mods.

As in CS, people will change all the time, and play a variety of mods.

I plan on writing some add-ons myself, and I also thought of the complexity customized games can bring, but I'm sure there will be enough 'popular' mods, so that there wil be three or four 'standard' mods, if you know what I mean.

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i recon the best idea would be something like, when you install the mods it doesnt overwrite the original files, instead it places mods for certian servers in different folders in the VC root folder say. This way each server can have its own mods, it just acesses certian files from a different place than it normally would, u get it?

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i don't think you'd be able to get it to read certain files from certain places
You'd be surprised.

As I said we aren't approaching this blind. You guys worry too much

n.b. remember that unless someone is bundling a whole load of new cars/high res skins/buildings etc, most addons are going to be pretty small.

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As I've said quite a few times. We don't envision there being one mod per server. We won't be encouraging or supporting that (at least initially). We aim (notionally at least) to have a similar system to other multiplayer games - teams develop mods and release them, server owners download and install them. Initially there may be quite a few mods (look how many HL2 mods there are now, for example), but over time people will lose interest in the bad ones and the good ones will be supported (survival of the fittest).

Creating a good mod for blue (or any other game) takes time, beyond the very basics. We expect most mods will stay within the preset GTA world, but of course you could start again and make your own map. Using the GTA world considerably reduces the ammount of time required to create a mod - no art or mapping required.

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Yes i was going to start a topic similar to this. what im worried about the mod compatibilites is that there may be too many different game modes.

well there would have to be one persistant C++ coder.

in case you hadnt noticed, C++ is hard...

and coders are far and few between.

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