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MTA Team slow progress killing the Community?

Guest Hanzy

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Iv been playing MTA for some time now and certainly remember the days of MTA 0.2 with server after server of people on them. Now I scan through with MTA 0.5 (Thanks btw guys for finally linking MTA and ASE = much needed) and i see what: 1 server with 3 people on it. pft. Empty Currently Even GTAT has more support which seems alarming.

I think i know why: Slow progress. Lets face it the new versions have hardly had alot of "new" content in them and with months ticking through each one its not really justified. And Considering its taken years and you STILL havnt sorted out stability it begs the question: WTF r u doing?

People dont play mta because its boring now. I came back in to MTA after 6 months out and theres nothing different about it appart from it crashes slightly less. Little new content and minor graphic changes dont account to better playability. You keep saying "Blue will sort out all the problems" but then you undermine yoursleves by saying it will be bug ridden.

I love MTA and think its a fantastic thing for you guys to do in your spare time and appreciate it, but stop worrying about getting people to mod thegame in the future which il put money on will just increase cheating and sort out the basics like being able to get down to it and make it fun.

So will any one be around to play Blue? I dont know. but most people dont wana wait months for below par coding. Thats why theres no one around to play. Make some real progress and they'l come crawling back for sure.

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Thanks, do call again. So nice to see a new post that isnt just bitching and moaning at us about something rather than pleased about having a Beta to play.

Sarcasm aside. You are quite welcome to wait until we release a finished version, nobody is forcing you to playtest any Beta we release in the mean time. I suggest that you do so.

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You see thats what i mean!

If any one suggest something constructive you guys just wave it away.

Look Bump mate its not bitching its a fact. There hasnt really been any improvement in the MTA VC series...

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Just did my friend.

hmmmm 0.1 booted then crashed with an unhandled exception.....


booted 0.5 then crashed with an unhandled exception.

My god i never saw that coming....

Please MrBump id be very happy if you guys concentrated on making a firm stable base before going in to new features. Its like common sense. When programming you set out your procedures, global variables etc before any decent syntax. Why bother messing aroudn with complex stuff when you cant do the basics?

btw: Are there any busy hot spot times for playing MTA 5 cs itwas empty when i tried :(

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Hanzy you are right

Clearly they are not up to it thou so why don't you take over... you seem to know what to do.

Play the other GTA multiplayers or play something else until this is ready or make your own.

they are doing all they can and if it's not enough for you that's fine but dont' bust thier balls just because they came closest to what you want...

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Locked as you are clearly flailing around in the dark with very little knowledge regarding MTA, MTA Dev, MTA's Plans, and Dev in general.

Meanwhile I suggest you get yourself up to speed by reading the MTA history linked on the front page, the blue info, and browsing the forums, perhaps even searching.

Good keywords are:





"kill people"


Another tip is searchign for all posts by Team members, as nuggets of info that you obviously lack can be gleaned from them. Good luck.

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  • MTA Team

We were never required to release anything in the past. But IJs released gta:am, gta3:mta 0.2a and 0.3b to prove to the people it was possible but not really to be played. Now people like you are so demanding. You think it is easy to make somethiung like this. If gta:am was made in 45 minutes then why shoudn't blue be ready in an hour?

We have been working on Blue for 18 months now :!: . At this moment it contains somewhere in between 160 000 and 200 000 lines of code. If you account for trial and error stuff you can double that number to know how many lines have actually been written and most of the effort of the team in the past year has focussed on Blue.

We were never required to release anything and we are not required to release Blue until we find it worthy off release. People that have enjoyed MTA in the past will come back when Blue comes out even if it is to just look if we have delivered what we promised.

And why don't you bash on Microsoft for pushing back Longhorn and removing features out of it?

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