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need help....

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hi first of all

here's my problem: every time i start vc game i get this


thats after the intro movies and before the loading of the strat menu. i have the original game and the grafixs are allready patch. mine drivers are ( i think ) up to date. i still tink it's a video card or grafixs problem i have a RADEON (ati) 9600TX

plz help me


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This can also be caused by selecting the wrong VC version in the client (you'd be surprised how often people do that). I can see that you've set it to 1.1, so you could try setting it to 1.0.

Also, whilst we don't encourage warez, some no-CD cracks will not work with MTA (causing errors like that), particularly those with "extras" such as blood patches.

A similar error used to be a frequent problem amongst ATI users, but if you say that you've got the latest graphics card drivers, it is unlikely to be due to that.

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i allready tried that ofc :P i play mta for 1.5 years i think but this is the first time i get this.. really weird reinstalled mta several times reinstalles gta several times and made olso 3 formats in the last week..

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