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Marking as resolved a topic

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From a quick search i can't find it so i'm asking here hoping it's the right place.

I can see some topic marked as resolved ( with [RESOLVED] in the title), but i can't find a way to edit the title. Has this been already discussed? Was this "feature" removed for some reason?

If a topic marked as [HELP] for example could be marked as resolved we could simply not read all the latest messages to understand its status, but we could know this from the "list" seeing it in the title.... but i think this argument does not need explanation... so tell me what happened if somehting happened or why not if this option has never been there

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Actually in the old forum phpBB anyone can edit the topic title so when the writer choose a title let's say [Help]guiSetVisible and in the old forum you can change the title anytime so if you found the solution after three or four days you can change the title and set it as [Resolved]guiSetVisible that's all.

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Thanks for your reply! So this feature is not available in all sub-forums, like the scripting one (however it is enabled in the tutorials sub-forum).

I could suggest enabling it in the scripting forum...

On 30/10/2016 at 1:02 AM, Bonsai said:

Too many people have editted their original post in the scripting section after they got the solution, which makes it impossible for other people with a similar problem to understand the conversation in that topic.

Hope this won't be possible again.

 but i agree with bonsai on this... maybe it's better to only have the option to "append" to a post and to edit the title (or only the mark)

Or maybe it's also possible to NOT give that permission to users, but... for example in topic marked with [HELP] (and similar) check if a "command" has been posted from the OP like #resolved, automatically changing the mark in the title if it does exist

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