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Wow, thats cool, how can I help?

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Like the title says, this is a neat hack. I would like to help out, I have written a good deal of network code before and would like to poke around in the source to see what I could make better, but I am not sure how to do this, the FAQ doesn't seem to address it (or I am blind, very possible). So tell me how an interested developer could help out.

Thanks for your time,

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  • MTA Team

It is odd there is no contact info.. well its simply because they don't want 10,000 people applying, but they have poked around at times and let people know its possible.

I think they like having people ask like this, without giving the offer, to show who really wants to be part of the team, and is worth evaluating.

You'll get an answer from someone on the team soon. I believe at the moment they are mostly looking for coders.

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show them what you have to offer, If they are interested they will probably seek you out. the reason there isn't a lot of info about joining the mta team is they don't wanna be bombarded with applications from wannabes, but don't let it discourage you if you have sosmething to offer. Obviously they are very serious about who they let see their code (for good reason).

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