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Unable to connect to any MTA servers :(

Guest BIGMAN131307

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XP Home sp2

GTAVC (v1) no patches

Problem occurs when trying to connect..

With GTAVC disk already in the drive.

I click the MTA desktop icon,

Click "connect" then I get a message

that reads"Invalid Server IP or Port"[/b]


When I click "Servers" the servers do load, but when I go and click on any server, I get the following message:


Disconnected CorrectionTimeOut (Delay- 10sec)



Please help me get connected..

**Note** I just want to be able to connect to "other servers" to play MTA.. I dont want to setup my computer as server..

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Look at the IP youre trying to connect to.. Its

That means youre trying to connect to yourself 8)

I read that somewhere to use that, after while I managed to get it working..

It was working for atleast an hour, now I can get to the servers. But when I join, the servers are empty??

:roll::? What do I do to fix this?? The servers Im joining have players there, but after I join the game nobodys there except me..

IE: 6/20 players, I join then 1/20 just me?? :roll::?

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Correction timed out?


try connecting to this:


Port: 2011

its a server thats always up...may not have players in but at least it will determine your problem. your trying to connect to which is a RESERVED ip for LAN addresses, and there obviously isnt a server running on your LAN.

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