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Dam PC. Found a virus. SE.


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Anyways I found an infected virus. And i hope we turn in. To keep PC safe:

Dont go into warez, free mp3 downloads etc. - It will try 2 make ur PC infected.

Do not go into a link which is not official- Some links contain viruses and they will trick u.

Do not download files from another user - Fortually all of them have a ZIP in there dont open the file.

and last thing. Download updates- Download the latest WindowsXP service pack 2, AVG and the Microsoft anti-spyware. Get a 2nd PC if your webpages r hi jacked.

Anyways I found a virus named Apko.dll and its inside the C:\WINDOWS\System32\. If u have any DLLs that r not from windows or any other products remove it. Anyways I couldnt play MTA because I had a virus and if i play with a virus they will try 2 use my IP.

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