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That's a terrible security measure and I strongly advise that you don't do that.

I recommend setting up ACL permissions for each individual resource that requires them.

Kinda off-topic but a strong disclaimer for anyone using these resources. It's not my fault, or the fault of these resources, if your server is insecure.

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Don't be sick please, remember that you've bought the scripts not the author rights. He can do everything he wants with his script because he has the author rights and you don't. Next time be sure tha

Thanks for releasing this! i like github open source projects.

Glad to hear it. Giving it a fork or starring on GitHub it is a good way to express your appreciation too. Select the punishments for an account > Send them to the client > Display them i

3 hours ago, UsBorne said:

Got a bit of an issue, when I try register there is no error just a shaded out 'register' button? Any idea as to why?

You will most likely need to check your client's debug log. Check `C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs\clientscript.log` and scroll to the bottom.

The registration button relies on the colour of the labels (which check if what you entered is valid). So make sure you fill it out properly and that the appropriate labels are green, not red or plain.

2 hours ago, UsBorne said:

Maybe you have the ACL file it would be very handy, or help me out if possible setting up permissions on the ACL for it to work?

In the server console, just use `aclrequest` and allow. I am not providing an ACL file as you should be setting up permissions properly. You can view what rights a resource needs using `aclrequest` and adjust it accordingly. It is not my responsibility to configure your ACL as it is different for you than it might be for me.


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On 7/29/2018 at 13:04, xRaM said:

op dont feel nostalgic about mta why :D? 

I have a job and I study at university full time. I barely have time to work on side projects, let alone think about gaming or even MTA.

UCD is open source and if you want to make a contribution, go ahead.

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