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Stunt Gang - S.S.S.


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I'm starting a gang for MTA0.3 called the Staunton Stunt Squad that does stunts and stuff (and sometimes maybe gang wars). Maybe if we get enough members, we could do the first GTA3 multiplayer stunt video?

Post here if you want to join or have any questions or want to help out but not join

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Well, you can help out if you want, but i dont mind if you join while your in another gang, if one of our stunt sessions runs into an organised gang war or training, you could just let us know you need to go then leave, it doesnt matter that much :)

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Well if the leader quit why doesnt someone just take over if its such a good idea....

Or simply we have all gang stunts on each of our sites to let ppl make videos. For instance all spoonage stunts at http://www.spoonage.tk or wtvr, you dont really need a gang to collect a load of stunts. As for arranging stunt ideas... that could be done within gangs....

i feel a new idea of competition comin on. Who can come up with the best gamg stunt hehe. Has to include at least three cars!!! Or something along those lines...

Any other ideas?

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sounds good, you can have a gta3 and gtaVC category

but yeah, i think it needs to be with like multiple people since its gang based and the gangs are based on a MULTIplayer mod =)

thuogh i think the winners will be the 2 guys that made the stunt vid anyways, even if they dont compete =p

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