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skills or mods or lag?

Guest CrazyFool

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i was racing someone earlier and actualy had a faster car then him, when the race started he automaticly zoomed passed me hitting the cars max speed in about 3 seconds and was very far infront of me, i had 75 ping, he had 150 - 200

does this sounds legit or like a acceleration mod?

i have been playin gta for years now and dont get how he can reach his max speed as fast as he did :-P

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Cars cannot go from 0 to 260 in 3 seconds. 260 isn't even the max limit. The max limit for most cars is about 125-130. So yes the person was car modding. 1 tip other tip. If you see a guy on a packer beating you in a race and going 260, thats a car modder lol.

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he was in a stinger, i !speed him a few times and it said 130(when i was talking about max speed thats what i ment) , but during the race a spectator did !speed to him and it said 260. he was way infront of me and i couldn't see him

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