[0.6] The next update for MTA 3 and MTA VC

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Well. I've wait the Multi Theft Auto for GTA 3 MTA and MTA VC in 2016/2017 to release to 0.6 

But the developer of MTA will not responding after 2009 will the developer to back start the release again  or yeah.

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That MTA version has stopped development as far as I'm aware.

So much more possibilities in SA. I (And some other people) have actually brought the maps from the older games into SA.

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I would sure love to know what Developer you are speaking of. I've never talked to you or seen you before. You also have not posted on the project's website.


Good luck getting a hold of @SugarD-x

It isn't really all that hard. You just keep messaging me when I'm at work, and then don't read the offline replies..

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On 4/7/2017 at 17:12, [RE]SniperRider said:

Thus,  MTA 0.6 never released with anniversary edition of MTA.

What are you talking about? MTA 0.6 is still not out, so that statement doesn't really make much sense.


On 4/7/2017 at 18:02, Simple01 said:

@SugarD-x are you keep working on it? I'm interested in giving a hand with it.

Definitely! Shoot me a PM on here or feel free to contact me on Skype. :)

My apologies for the late reply. This new forum software isn't notifying me of replies anymore...

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