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=NSA= - National Security Agency - v2 (Restarted)


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Well I didn't want to goto another clan so I just reopened =NSA=. This Time round it's only me and Serbian Leading the clan and We're open for clanwars. Our Site is also renewed at http://www.nsagang.cjb.net.

We are a non-cheating clan, any member caught cheating will be immediately kicked. In order to prove you don't cheat and you want to join you must take a test. More info on the site (cba to write it all down).

.:Members List:.

Leader - =NSA=Sn[A]kE (AKA Hieu)

Co-Leader - =NSA=_Z_erB (AKA Serbian)

Troop Leaders - =NSA=Paw's, =NSA=RuIgaN




=NSA=Cambone (AKA Scarface)







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