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There is mention of allowing for mod development pre-release of blue. Is this only for MTA insiders or can others join in? I have worked in the past on making a few script based mods for MTA, but it was so limiting that it wasn't worth continuing. I am looking to (try to) implement some of the Carmageddon 2 multiplayer modes in Blue. As I am not a Blue tester, I don't know how far along the engine is, but if it is good enough to start modding with, it would be nice to see something early.

Perhaps a limited version of the blue, with mod examples if you have them, could be made available. To keep people from running it as a normal server, maybe you could limit it to 4 players, ammo to 10 bullets max, and make the server shut down after 30 minutes (and whatever else you want).

P.S. I have extensive C/C++/Java programming experience, if that makes a difference.

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Frankly, these mods were entirely for my server, but if they are good enough then I would be more than happy to release them for general use. No offence, but I have been underwhelmed with MTA's online gaming modes and disappointed about some of the team's decisions. Of course, with the option to make a mod myself, I can stop my complaining and get coding, if I have something in the form of a documented SDK.

In particular, I was planning on hosting some LAN parties with something beyond the crappy scripts that I have done in the past. For example, a pedestrian system, lots of vehicles, and other things could much more easily be done.

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